Numerouno is an LED lamp for design-lovers, made of corrugated cardboard which you can use about everywhere.

„A small masterpiece of a new culture of “Arte Povera” is this cardboard-lamp by Johannes Kiessler, a Munich-born designer who has lived in Italy for more than ten years and who has worked with Michele De Lucchi before opening his own studio in 1998. […] Depending on the used source, it emits a warmer or brighter light onto your table or working surface and is able to achieve what ninety percent of exaltedly designed and overly expensive lamps fail to do: to look good and to make good light.”  Niklas Maak: Der Sommer der Dinge, in: F.A.Z. Quarterly (2018), issue 3/2018

When ordering NUMEROUNO LED, you can choose between two light temperatures: 3.000 Kelvin (warmer) for domestic use and 4.000 Kelvin (colder) which is more suitable for office environments.